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A curation by Caroline Grainge

I found curating the body of work from RCA2020 a hell of a lot of fun.  Having chosen a great many inspiring pieces I realized I should focus on pieces that resonated with my ever-moving creative interests as an art lover, along with my fashion and creative commercial background.

Therefore, my choices are based on what projects, or pieces were thought provoking and had the perceived potential and could be applied in our commercial world.

My deciding curation is the recognition and ability of communication through the creators work to their audience.

Caroline Grainge

Caroline Grainge is an executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist and art collector. Since moving from London to Los Angeles, Grainge has remained actively engaged in both the business and philanthropic communities. For more than 25 years, Grainge worked as a senior executive in design, buying and manufacturing for River Island fashion stores. She is a member of the board for the Bernard Lewis Foundation and serves as a trustee of the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. When Caroline joined as a member of the RCAUSA board she said, “I am passionate about the arts and education, and the power of design and its function - be it fashion, technology medical equipment, graphics and so on. Basically, any innovative vehicle that has the ability to change and influence our lives for the better. The value of design allows us to believe in future possibilities. Anything can happen. It’s a refreshing and exciting thought process! I’m looking forward to supporting talented individuals to study at the world’s number one art and design university and privileged to be working alongside the RCA’s notable alumni.”

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