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A curation by Fabien Baron

First, let me say, that I am deeply impressed by the diversity of the work I have seen and the quality and clarity of the concepts.

My practice is multidisciplinary, and my selection of these works speaks, somewhat selfishly, to my own points of interest - photography, architecture, and graphic and industrial design.

Sean Steed has produced some of the most innovative graphics I’ve seen in a long time. The thoughtful execution of new and inventive graphics is more fundamental than ever, even in the digital world in which we now find ourselves. Jaz Affleck's Amalgam Machine was mind-blowing: intricate, complex, and yet so minimal. Lowena Poole's landscapes were so beautiful and mesmerising. Landscape photography is a major theme in my personal work, a constantly evolving subject to discover again and again.

The list goes on: Jiamin Jiang’s bold rethinking of retail experience, Lexiao Guan’s meditative, repeating cyber landscapes, the surprising complexity of Tom Medwell’s composition - playing with reflection, depth, and perception... Jonny Ryley’s warm, minimal renderings, Mariana Malta's bold juxtapositions and strong use of limited color.

You have all made work to be proud of, you are to be congratulated. The variety and quality on display has been both impressive and inspiring.

Fabien Baron

Fabien Baron

For over three decades, Fabien Baron has been driving the industry forward with fresh thinking and iconic creativity for some of the world’s most celebrated fashion and luxury brands. As a Parisian-born New Yorker, his unique blend of French and American sensibilities can be seen in work that is consistently elevated and ahead of the curve. His creative vision is unlimited and spans art forms, industries and outlets. He has spearheaded the reinvention of illustrious magazines including Interview, French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Italian Vogue; designed his own line of furniture for Cappellini and Bernhardt; and sculpted the images of brands including Calvin Klein, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga and Coach. As a director and lensman, his films stand out as stunning pieces of storytelling, thought-provoking and eye-catching in equal measure. With 30 years of award-winning work under his belt, his passion still lies in shaping the future. ‘I get excited by the new. I think people in search of that aren’t willing to repeat what they’ve seen before... when the problem has been solved, it's no longer interesting.’

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