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I have chosen a selection of works and projects that embrace being digital in the first instance. It is exciting to see how artists are embracing the strange and unprecedented conditions that they are emerging into.

These projects feel like they are created for and from this particular set of working conditions - they don't feel compromised by their digital creation, dissemination and reception. From Edd Carr's digital zines, incorporating surprising, and frequently disturbing animated GIFs into the digital book format, to Jing Su's resolutely digital pallet that combines sound with an array of videos that can be browsed at will, these are works that are at home in their digital context. Two curatorial projects make exemplary use of contemporary web design to create two very different way of encountering artworks digitally: So Remember The Liquid Ground meanders and moves like the underground river that inspires it, Sets and Scenarios guides the viewer through a series of discrete episodic moments.

This is not an easy show for this group of graduates to create work for, but it’s exciting to encounter artists who utilise being online to find new potentials in their work.

Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon is Deputy Director at Matt’s Gallery, London. Prior to that he worked as an independent curator, completing an Associate Curator’s professional development programme at Birmingham's Grand Union between 2011 and 2013. He co-curated Open File with Jack Brindley, 2011–2014 and writes for Art Monthly.

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