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A Photography Selection

Yilin Shi’s works show an interesting use of appropriation, combined with a subjective, almost surreal perception of the world around her. In her photographs she focuses on banal details of everyday life and imbues them with a very special atmosphere, attracting the attention of the viewer who learns to see them with completely new eyes. Her work is characterized by a very broad spectrum of expressive possibilities.

Roei Greenberg has developed a very idiosyncratic visual language in his work. The landscapes are seductive and almost hypnotizing, drawing the viewer under their spell. But the appearance is too good to be true, because one does not trust the conjured harmony and an irony breaks its way in, which reveals the complexity of these pictures.

Qian Jiang pursues an interesting conceptual strategy of analysing the relationship between photography and the philosophical concept of nothingness. She uses photography in such a way that nothingness can be experienced by exploring the non-representational possibilities of photography. Her visual presentation is very stringent.

Professor Andreas Gursky

Professor Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky (b.1955) is considered one of the most important contemporary photographers.

Already, in the 1980s, he concentrated on the relationship between human beings and landscape, respectively human existence dealing with its specific environment, though the landscapes are often portrayed as monumental panoramic views in which the human figure almost loses itself and becomes an ornamental nearly abstract pattern.

Since the early 1990s, Gursky has been working more and more with computer-aided image processing in order to merge and visualize several layers of meaning in one image. In the process, fictional and documentary moments often overlap.

Gursky deals with zeitgeist phenomena and detects subliminal processes within society – thus creating condensed metaphors of the respective present.

Gursky lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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