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Color Palette Possibilites

Hannah Elisabeth Jones’ devotion and meticulous research of her local natural plants that can be used as dyes is fascinating. This is such a timely piece of work as the calm surrounding this project gives pause to the bustle of city life. I do hope that this work can be put to good use by other artists as it has a wealth of possibilities. It would be wonderful to see what another part of the UK might bring to the colour palette.

Ioanna Sakellaraki has created a collection of reflective images surrounding the subject of grief. I picked ‘Memories of a journey’ and ‘Stygere (hateful)’, as I find the colour palette is incredibly unique. They are haunting images that give rise to contemplation without being morbid. There is a strong cultural flow here, of traditions being handed down to each generation. A passing of time that also seems timeless.

Kai-Lu Hsiung

Kai-Lu Hsiung

Kai-Lu Hsiung is the Managing Director of RSA Films, a role she has held for 16-years. As an Executive Producer, Kai has won a Cannes Grand Prix and several Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions. Kai previously chaired juries at the British Arrows, Creative Circle and the first ever ‘Branded Content’ jury at D&AD.

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