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Amy Cheung: Colour

Every student work is organised according to dominant hue. Images are dynamically selected according to object recognition algorithms tagged by Amazon Web Services from the menu. Amy Cheung transmits 2,500 years of cultural history and the present day politics of the colour spectrum via Memoji.

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Amy Cheung

Amy Cheung is a conceptual artist, adjunct assistant professor at the department of architecture, the University of Hong Kong.

Beck’s New Contemporaries in U.K. and UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate awarded by UNESCO’s International Fund for the Promotion of Culture in 2004. She represented Hong Kong in the 52th Venice Biennale, and received the Outstanding Young Artist Award (Visual Arts) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2007.

She has exhibited in over 40 exhibitions locally and abroad since 1997, notable projects include 72 hours sound and vision made in HK between 30.6-2.7.1997 – where she blind-folded herself for 3 days guarded only by audio-visual description of others to help her ‘witness’ the political transition; Ashes Unto Pearls – an sound installation with 188 speakers simultaneously broadcast random citizens’ ultimate questions; Face Machine – a robotic installation with an mechanical arm testing elderly’s faces and their haunting memories on and off a faceless infant body; Toy Tank – an interactive shooting sculpture virtually made to destroy all artworks in the exhibition; $ on China – fungshui project to materialize a “dollar” form building on a “China” shaped island to ensure business prosperity; Hankie Bank – an immersive performance of banking that enabled transaction of anything valuable, except money.

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