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Designing for Difficulty

Design is never easy, but today’s graduating design students face an unprecedented set of complex and critical challenges. I selected these projects because in each case the designer, or design team, chose to tackle one of these challenges. They chose to tackle systems that are often intangible and hard to decode. They chose to explore solutions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. They chose to tackle questions for which there may be no precedent. In some cases, they challenged the methods of design. In others, they challenged who should be designing. In all cases, they showed that they are ready to design for the most difficult circumstances.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is Chair of global design and innovation firm IDEO and Vice Chair of the kyu collective. His best-selling book Change By Design has introduced design thinking to business leaders worldwide. Tim has written for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Rotman Magazine, and his TED talks Serious Play and Designers Think Big have reached millions. His work focuses on creative leadership and the strategic application of design across sectors such as health, education, technology, mobility and global development.

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