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Lighting the Way

In reviewing the wonderful work of RCA 2020 it’s clear that creativity is truly alive and kicking. Congratulations RCA for your passion and vision. I have no desire to try and single out from such a fine body of work, to do so, would undermine the greater endeavour.
However, I will highlight some of the projects that I found particularly intriguing because of their relationship to my own work. Michaela French's project reminds us of the tremendous impact lighting has on the built and natural world.

As a designer, I often find myself preoccupied with how light, depending on its source and the time of the day, can totally change the perception of a designed object, whether it is the sophisticated surfaces of a luxury vehicle or the way a skyscraper presents itself to the world at night. The pioneer of architectural lighting design Richard Kelly is an excellent exemplar of how he gave life through his work to the creations of Saarinen and Van der Rohe.
As a society, we continue to be subjected to an onslaught of technology. While technology that is relevant and well-considered is commendable it is not always sufficient. It’s when technology enables emotionally compelling products that ultimately enrich peoples lives that we should celebrate. The work of Sophie Horrocks and Kevin Chiam’s demonstrate this beautifully.

To conclude, it’s been an absolute privilege for me to review the Class of 2020. Congratulations.

Professor Gerry McGovern

Professor Gerry McGovern OBE

Professor Gerry McGovern OBE has been recognised as one of the most awarded designers in the world. Currently Chief Creative Officer at Land Rover and a board level executive of the Jaguar Land Rover Company, Gerry’s vision of the potential for Land Rover began with the critically acclaimed Range Rover Evoque in 2010.
McGovern has been instrumental in spearheading the design and brand strategy for the Land Rover product portfolio which has brought about its transformation from a specialist 4x4 manufacturer to the purveyor of the most desirable premium and luxury SUVs on the planet.
His predominately Modernist Design philosophy has been successfully executed in harmony with the brand’s global appeal while also significantly building its equity, ensuring a design-led culture is embedded into the very core of the business.
McGovern uses his considerable creative intellect to champion the relevance of design and its ability to enrich lives. ‘True desirability can only be achieved with products that have a strong positive emotional connection with the customer! Design excellence being its conduit,’ he says.

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