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Looking Closer

There are so many ways that we can see the world and that the world can be revealed to us. This is especially evident in the work of Louis Netter, David Benqué, Emine Gökçek and Michaela French. It is exciting to contemplate how Emine Gökçek’s diverse animations (system, image and text), can reveal to us the interconnections between the events of everyday life in a manner that compliments the energetic observational drawings of Louis Netter. Netter draws us into his chance sightings of life from moving windows, or on the street. The works of both these students reveal to us extremes of life in the everyday. David Benqué continues this observation and analysis of the happenstance of life with his diagrams of algorithmic prediction. This challenges us to think beyond chance, to other notions of time and sequence. Finally, I come to Michaela French, who presents to us a series of ‘rigorous’ observations. This time repetition, like time, reveals the world to us. Together these four students in their diverse ways, invite us to look closer at the world of our inhabitation and making. All the best with the rest of your journey!

Laurene Vaughan

Laurene Vaughan

Laurene Vaughan PhD is Professor of Design at RMIT University, where she serves as Dean in the School of Design, and is Co-Leader of the Design Futures Lab. Laurene was invited to the position of Neirenberg Chair, Distinguished Professor of Design, at Carnegie Mellon University, 2012 – 2013. She is on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Design Research, Norway.
Internationally recognised as a leader in interdisciplinary and applied design research. Laurene’s research investigates the interactive and situated nature of cultural production and the practices that enable this – both analogue and digital. She was a lead researcher on the Circus Oz Living Archive Project ( and co-editor of Performing Digital (Palgrave). Her most recent publication is Practice Based Design Research (Bloomsbury Academic). Laurene is a Chief Investigator on the Design for Wellbeing research project with Bendigo Hospital, is a member of the Design and Care network at RMIT, and is currently completing an edited collection Designing Cultures of Care (Bloomsbury Academic).

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