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16 July 2020
18:00 (GMT + 0)
60 Minutes of Graduation at Home
A response to the current context of pandemic deregulation and the impossibility physical shows

The event intends to offer a collective online ​moment in which all graduates ​participate by ​offering a ​live sensorial glimpse into their work from the setting of their own homes​​.​ The concept of the ​usual ​graduationshow​ is hereby translated​ into a live online exhibition which uses the homes of all graduates as its 'multispace'-​setting​ and the ZOOM-webinar as its interface​ or format.

In order to introduce a 'festive' aspect to the event, composer & pianist Frederik Croene will simultaneously perform a piano-concerto from a pastoral setting within the landscape of Flandres-Belgium. The piece , specially composed for the occasion, will be streamed into the zoom-webinar and will act as a continuous background to the ongoing mozaïque of live video-footage created from the homes of all graduates.​ In addition to the layer of live video-footage and the ongoing concerto, a third layer is added, consisting of short interviews in which student reps interrogate their tutors about the studio's thematics and their personal views and experiences.

“60 MINUTES OF GRADUATION AT HOME” is part of the School of Architecture's overall RCA graduation program 2020 and is curated by Steve Salembier (atelier bildraum) in collaboration with composer Frederik Croene & artist Karl Van Welden.

School of Architecture
Architecture (MA), Interior Design (MA), Architecture Research (MPhil) (PhD)
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
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Steve Salembier

Adrian Lahoud - Dean, School of Architecture

60 Minutes of Graduation at Home from the School of Architecture Recording of the Live 60 Minutes of Graduation at Home event, broadcast on 16 July, 2020.
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