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18 July 2020
10:00 (GMT + 0)
Contemporary Art Practice: Screening of Showreel A
Ongoing, evolving schedule of live and screened events

CAP will have an ongoing, evolving schedule of live and screened events, throughout RCA2020. Candidates from the four Pathways of CAP: Critical Practice, Moving Image, Performance and Public Sphere, have worked together to present ideas and artworks that reflect not only our current socio-political situation, but also events that refer directly to the dynamics of Now-ness, being in and of the moment. Creating, responding, reacting to, The Now. CAP scheduled events throughout RCA2020 will present both singular and repeated moments: performances, artworks, screenings, readings, talks, discussions, introductions, connections and hostings.

Hanxuan Jiang (Sophie)
Manufacturer of Dreams

Zijing Zhao
Mountain of Flame (Trailer)

Tiantian Liu
The Story of HOHO (Trailer)

Toby Tobias Kidd, Rieko Whitfield, and Alessandro Moroni
The EXIVISION Future for Tate Corporation

Kaushikee Gupta
Read between the lines

Jinyan Feng

Ruiji Han
Tengri (Trailer)

Katharine Segura Harvey
Boat Memory

School of Arts & Humanities
Contemporary Art Practice (MA), Moving Image, Critical Practice, Public Sphere, Performance
Estimated Duration: 43min
RCA CAP 2020

Hanxuan Jiang (Sophie)

Zijing Zhao

Tiantian Liu

Toby Tobias Kidd

Kaushikee Gupta

Jinyan Feng

Ruiji Han

Katharine Segura Harvey

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