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23 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)
When The Place Shuts Down: Clara Gaggero Westaway
A series of conversations between students, tutors and industry leaders about design products.

A series of conversations between students and industry leaders exploring the pertinent themes of Design Products 2020. Covering the landscape of design perspectives from the social to the environmental to speculative futures.

Clara Gaggero Westaway is the co-founder of the design consultancy Special Projects, she founded with Adrian Westaway. Special Projects is a design and invention consultancy with a mission to enhance the unquantifiable aspects of life: empathy, wellbeing, delight, with meaningful design and invention. To achieve this they leverage human insight, technology and the thought process of magicians. Their work is conceptually rigorous and blurs the boundaries between industrial, experience and interaction design to create products and environments that bring value for our clients and add meaning to the lives of the people we design for.

School of Design
Design Products (MA)
Estimated Duration: 30 min
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Roseanne Wakely

Design Products (MA)

Guorong Luo

Design Products (MA)

Xiyi Wu

Design Products (MA)

Eric Saldanha

Design Products (MA)

Clara Gaggero Westaway

Clara Gaggero Westaway
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