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28 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)
When The Place Shuts Down: Materiom
A series of conversations between students, tutors and industry leaders about design products.

A series of conversations between students and industry leaders exploring the pertinent themes of Design Products 2020. Covering the landscape of design perspectives from the social to the environmental to speculative futures.

Joined by Pilar Bolumburu, Dr. Charlene Smith & Zoƫ Powell from Materiom. Materiom provides open source recipes and data on materials made from abundant sources of natural ingredients, like agricultural waste. By making this knowledge open, we accelerate materials development and lower barriers to entry in materials markets around the world. We work with companies, cities and communities to support the development of local biomaterial supply chains that nourish local ecologies and economies.

Pilar Bolumburu is a Materials Researcher at Materiom, an open-source platform that looks for sharing data on materials made from natural and abundant resources. Former Director of Technology Learning in Fab Lab Santiago, and Researcher in Open Textiles, she is a designer who graduates from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and Fabacademy program of the global FabLab network.

Zoe Powell is a materials researcher and communication manager at Materiom. She is also currently an advisory board member to the Creative Hubs of the British Council. She has dedicated herself to exploring biomaterial manufacturing techniques, both digital and artisanal, through a focus on regenerative processes.

Charlene Smith is a Materials Researcher and Green Chemist based in London. She received her doctorate in Chemistry from The University of Manchester (2013), specialising in the formulation and analysis of single-molecule magnets, through to the applications of nanotechnology. She now divides her time between freelancing at creative design labs and chemistry consulting at material innovation studios.

School of Design
Design Products (MA)
Estimated Duration: 30 min
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Lea Randebrock

Design Products (MA)

Rashmi Bidasari

Design Products (MA)

Zhenjing Lang

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Anya Muangkote

Design Products (MA)
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