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16 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)
When The Place Shuts Down: Paola Antonelli
Students and Leading Practitioners in Conversation with Paola Antonelli.

A series of conversations between students, tutors and industry leaders exploring the pertinent themes of design products 2020. Covering the landscape of design perspectives from the social to the environmental to speculative futures.

Paola Antonelli is an Italian author, editor, architect, and curator. She is currently the Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design as well as the Director of R&D at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City.

School of Design
Design Products (MA)
Estimated Duration: 30 min
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Georgia Cottington

Design Products (MA)

Elliot Lunn

Design Products (MA)

Rashmi Bidasaria

Design Products (MA)

Rowan Vyvyan

Design Products (MA)

Eric Saldanha

Design Products (MA)
When The Place Shuts Down: Paola Antonelli
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