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21 July 2020
15:00 (GMT + 0)
When The Place Shuts Down: RCA X OPPO
In conversation on the theme 'Humanising Technology'

Design Products students, School of Design team and OPPO Design team in conversation about the collaborative project and the theme of 'Humanising Technology'. The brief, titled “Humanising Technology” is born from observing how today’s mobile phones have become indispensable to communication in our lives. Science and technology are making huge progress, communications are accelerating, but our personal lives and personal relations often suffer. Technology can pose as many questions as it does answers. With the popularisation of the advancing communication technology, ushering the era of "Internet of Everything”, a new lifestyle infused with new connotations, will integrate daily work, life, entertainment, people and their families and the society. Social resources and technical information are becoming powerful tools. How will people, ICT products, and related products change in response? We believe that design can help rethink the ways in which we relate to technology; we believe that being human and being technological do not contradict. OPPO London Design Centre worked closely with Design Product students by sharing OPPO’s perspective, case studies and research materials. Designers from OPPO provided feedback and tutored the students during the whole process. The projects developed by the students reveal a vision of Design as a mediating factor; celebrating technology, embracing humanity.

With the kind support:
School of Design
Design Products (MA)
Estimated Duration: 40 min
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Anna Heck

Roberto Ruffoni (OPPO) - Guest

Jintong Zhu (OPPO) - Guest

Professor Paul Anderson (RCA) - Guest

Ashley Hall (RCA)

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