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20 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)
Global Innovation Design Graduates Present: Participatory Futures

COVID-19 has laid bare the need for societies to build a new normal. People are increasingly aware of the world changing and of the need for the world to change. What kind of change do we want? How do we make it happen? And who should create it?

In this event Global Innovation Design graduates Eva Oosterlaken, Jess Riley and Finn Strivens will discuss how designers can empower people to imagine and create the futures they want.

Participatory futures methods are an inclusive approach to design, harnessing diversity in outlook and expertise to build collective images of the future. These future visions can help us make better decisions now and can empower people to have greater influence over their lives. Eva, Jess, and Finn have worked on design challenges in youth engagement, community planning and public engagement with science, crossing disciplinary boundaries to make new pathways for change.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion about participatory futures: how can designers empower people to imagine and create the future they want?

School of Design
Global Innovation Design (MA)
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
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Eva Oosterlaken

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