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24 July 2020
18:00 (GMT + 0)
Group Chat: The Power of Collective Practice

Collectives are often seen as groups that reject the norm and seek to bring social change: activists, one may say. Many of them emerge in response to a pressing issue such as racism, gender inequality, or more recently, climate crisis, and often seek to intervene across multiple and overlapping fronts of struggle.

This event is hosted by one such group - Power Out of Restriction (POoR) Collective - comprising graduates and students of the MA Architecture programme at the Royal College of Art and collaborators from other disciplines including finance and video production and centred around the ambition to develop communities through the elevation of young people. Together with a series of inspirational practitioners, designers, and creatives working within collectives, POoR will host a discussion on how radical modes of practice today create the space for better, more inclusive, more equitable and more just futures tomorrow.

Join us for the Group Chat, which will see POoR in conversation with EDIT, a feminist design collective, focusing on the enduring biases and hierarchies embedded into environments; STEALTH, an internationally active spatial practice formed in 2000 by Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen, based both in Belgrade and Rotterdam, ACAN, a network of individuals within architecture and related built environment professions taking action to address the twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown and Dark Matter Labs who discover, design and develop institutional infrastructure to respond to the technological revolution and climate breakdown we face.

School of Architecture
Architecture (MA)
Estimated Duration: 1 hour
Register for Group Chat: The Power of Collective Practice
Register for Group Chat: The Power of Collective Practice

Shawn Adams

Architecture (MA)
Live Recording of Group Chat: The Power of Collective Practice
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