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24 July 2020
9:00 (GMT + 0)
How May I Serve You

Globalisation, connectivity, online interactions and invisibility are some of the features to describe Call centres/Live-chat/Hotline. This service can be helpful within the online facilities. The problem is when they are outsourced – low-cost exported service (sweatshops or in this online context: dryeyes) in different countries. Even more problematic when these countries were colonised by the country requesting this service (India/Pakistan). It again shows the parallel between costumer/service – coloniser/colonised. This event is going to be host in an open platform where you can have open conversations via live chat with two customer service agents based in Pakistan, outsourced by UK companies.

School of Communication
Visual Communication (MA)
Estimated Duration: 4 hour
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Jose Garcia Oliva

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