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19 July 2020
11:00 (GMT + 0)
live event in Clissold park + Twitch.
Student Performance: How Will We Choose Our Next Move?
Audience participatory performance

How Will We Choose Our Next Move?
 This Audience participatory performance, invites us to contemplate the decisions we face collectively and how we can connect even in times of enforced disconnect. Today’s society is one of isolation, only highlighted by a physical virus but prevalent and insidious long before covid-19 hit.
A chess game sits within a public space and invites passers by to move one piece, allowing a game to progress without any two leading players. The chess pieces are made of foraged plants cast in bronze, and draw attention to the significance of the natural world in the decisions we make as a human species. There will be a 4 metre diameter diagram sprayed onto the floor, into which only one player may enter at any one time, therefore maintaining social distancing throughout the 6 hour performance.

Anti-bac gel will be given to every player before and after moving one game piece.

The Performance will be live streamed via twitch. You are also invited to attend in person. For location details, sign up to attend with Eventbrite here.

School of Arts & Humanities
Sculpture (MA)
Estimated Duration: 6 hours
Twitch Event link

Abigail Burt

Sculpture (MA)
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