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29 July 2020
16:30 (GMT + 0)
Service Design Talk: Human Condition with Jennie Winhall
Jennie Winhall and RCA Service Design Students showcase projects on society and cultures.

Hosted by Clive Grinyer, Head of Service Design, our special guest, Jennie Winhall will kick of the evening with a short talk sharing her perspective on 'Human Condition: Preventing the worst and celebrating the best of what it means to be a human.' This will be followed by a group of students talking to Jennie about their projects, outlining how their ideas respond to the challenges they've explored in different contexts. Jennie and the students will then reflect on some areas of interest at which point the audience will also be invited to join the conversation.

School of Design
Service Design (MA)
Estimated Duration: 1 hour 30 min
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