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20 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)
What's Your Reference? Part 1: Round Table
Round Table on Graphic Design/Visual Communication

At Sold Out, we ask what is left out from the curricula in academic and practical spaces within Graphic Design/Visual Communication. The question is what is excluded and why, who is producing knowledge and who is distributing it?

In an attempt to connect these knowledge gaps and fill the material and structural inequalities in our education and industry we hope to create reference points through published materials within Graphic Design/Visual Communication.

We will host two events during RCA2020. Firstly, a round table composed of 2 of our guests and some of our authors, the conversation will be facilitated by a mediator who will ask questions and open up discussions around Sold Out’s themes of decolonisation, diversification, referencing within pedagogies and hierarchies in practice and education.

Secondly, a workshop in which we aim to broaden the definition of what a ‘reference’ is and how to use and apply them in a different manner. The outcome will be the "making" of a reference list that Sold Out would publish later on as a part of other conscious collective communal resources.

Estimated Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Link to join
The Zoom links and passwords are included at the bottom of the Eventbrite confirmation email.

Siddhi Gupta

Visual Communication (MA)

Ravista Mehra

Visual Communication (MA)

Morgan Markey

Visual Communication (MA)

Margherita Sabbioneda

Visual Communication (MA)

Kat McGrath

Visual Communication (MA)
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