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Interior Design (MA)

1. Interior Behaviours


This platform is concerned with the way that DESIGN influences our BEHAVIOUR and conversely the way that our behaviour influences design. Observation and analysis of people and the behaviour in their surroundings form the starting point where students asked the question ….”What if?” in order to make innovative connections. This parallel universe is where projects started, ideas and concepts come first and are the drivers for their thesis projects. Alternative thinking and approaches have been key to the more successful elements in their projects.

Project Theme : Intimacy

This year participants were invited to explore the idea of intimacy in our world. During the initial phase, they investigated behaviour around intimacy in different ways and through different set briefs focussing on family, strangers, objects and sex. The students used these as spring-boards to then develop their own brief and starting point. Sometimes their thesis project will be a continuation of an earlier brief, whilst other projects will be an amalgamation of various components. This year their thesis projects have explored topics such as long distance relationships, loneliness and solitude, romance in the city, social exclusion vs online exuberance and trust and patience.

Pascal Anson

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