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Interior Design (MA)

2. Interior Detail



This platform provides participants with an opportunity to establish the identity of interior spaces by developing proposals in detail. The platform considers form, colour, light, material, texture, pattern, finish and structure as key to making interiors that are intelligent, beautifully crafted and, above all, respond to site context whilst creating spaces that are appropriate and useful for their users. Projects undertaken in the platform are small scale and focused providing an opportunity to fully resolve an interior design proposal.


Designed in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to bring elevated railway tracks into the metropolis, London’s railway arches created ‘unintentional spaces’ to their underside that can be seen as a by-product of their structural form. As such these ambiguous volumes (neither inside or outside) have been appropriated for a variety of low level uses over the past century. As the occupation of our cities becomes ever more concentrated these structures provide the opportunity to house stimulating and interesting proposals for their re-use.  Platform members decided to locate their projects in a single railway viaduct at Valentia Place in Brixton, South London.

Ian Higgins


Distant Encounters

Curated by Dr Omar Kholeif, FRSA
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