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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Critical Practice


Artists in the Critical Practice pathway have a focus on exploratory and research driven practices. Working in a responsive, dialogical, critical environment with an emphasis on wider socio-political issues, the graduating students of Critical Practice 2020 critically interrogate art production in relation to urgent socio-political contexts, both questioning and redefining practice. Ideas and themes including performativity, gender(ing), identity, critical race theory and decolonial issues are highlighted and examined in works that span across mediums, from 3D modeling to live-streaming performance, video, sound, and text.

Anne Duffau, Pathway Lead, Critical Practice


Towards a Digital Placeness

Curated by Es Devlin

CAP Presents: Archiving

The Forms of Resistance

I Graduated From My Bedroom

Curated by Victor Wang

CAP Presents: Empathy & Care

The Forms of Resistance

Unconstrained by Our Times

Curated by Dr Gus Casely-Hayford, OBE

The Body, Resistance and History

Curated by Lisa Panting

0s + 1s

Curated by Tim Dixon

CAP Presents: Fictioning

The Forms of Resistance

CAP Presents: Past/Future

The Forms of Resistance
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