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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Moving Image


Protests, demonstrations, political movements, individual and collective relationships with authority and one another have been changed as a result of the use and deployment of Moving Image. Now. Right now. People aren’t fighting only to be seen and/or heard. People demand to be recognised. People are no longer calling for change. People are creating change. And it is happening. Now. At this moment. As you are reading this.

Artists who gather their work and their ideas together in this non-physical manner, are deeply connected to one another, to communities, neighborhoods, to you, me, and the world. Perhaps most importantly, they are connected to The Now. This work is their response to what it means being alive, Now. In this time. These artists know nothing is certain, that questions are crucial in their asking, that decisive, determined action is needed, called for. The work is urgent, fluid, open. They recognise and embrace The Now. Let’s re-write history. Now. Make something else. Now. Celebrate, Now. For there are many things to change and to celebrate.

Jordan Baseman, Pathway Lead, Moving Image


0s + 1s

Curated by Tim Dixon

CAP Presents: Archiving

The Forms of Resistance

The Body, Resistance and History

Curated by Lisa Panting

CAP Presents: Past/Future

The Forms of Resistance

Unconstrained by Our Times

Curated by Dr Gus Casely-Hayford, OBE

CAP Presents: Fictioning

The Forms of Resistance

CAP Presents: Empathy & Care

The Forms of Resistance

Searching for Presence

Curated by John Thackara
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