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Developed in collaboration with leading art organisations across the UK, this year’s CCA projects launched on Monday 15 June, accompanied by a week-long live programme of talks, performances, and screenings. Originally planned as physical shows, all of the projects were realised online following the impact of Covid-19 and are presented here. Individually distinct, collectively they embrace and highlight how the sounds, images, and textures of the physical world can be creatively, socially and politically brought into play with the online - its spaces, places and audiences.

Empathy Loading is an online project exploring empathetic relationships between humans and networked non-humans.

So remember the liquid ground - is a programme of meditative and sensorial experiences crossing over the digital, physical and spiritual realms.

Nothing gentle will remain is a publication inviting artists and audiences to speculate on how we gather together, now and in the future.

Sets and Scenarios is an online programme of film, text and performance exploring our heightened proximity to moving images and what it means to live under their influence.

Quincunx - is a collaboration between the artist Rachel Pimm and four other practitioners and collectively presents an exploration of medicinal plants, sounds and breathing.

Thanks from both students and staff go to our five external partners for their commitment, enthusiasm and support for this year’s CCA projects:



Nottingham Contemporary

Open School East

Team London Bridge

Study CCA at the RCA:


Searching for Presence

Curated by John Thackara

0s + 1s

Curated by Tim Dixon
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