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Information Experience Design (MA)

Sound Design


Working outside the conventions of the traditional areas of sound design, this year’s students are defining new approaches to this-growing area of practice. The work produced allows us to access other ways of being and thinking through the sonic, provoking questions around how sound might help us imagine different possible futures where narratives are plural and evolving, and where we honour each other and the earth. Much of the work invites us to come together to make sound and to listen. For example, in both Alexia Charoud’s and Jamie Maule’s projects we are asked to listen and interact in different ways in order to experience evolving narratives where the audience and the space are allowed as much agency as the artist.

The body is another sonic territory explored in both the work of Jordan Edge and Dimitris Menexopoulos. In Jordan’s work we are treated to a fictional array of sonic entities whose utterances were developed through the complex modelling of vocal apparatus. In Dimitris’s work we experience a new instrument which allows us to critically reflect on the implications of bio-data. Arman Ataman’s work demonstrates how games can help us breakout of prescribed modes of behaviour where play is radical.


Enlightenment and Ascension

Curated by Roland Lamb

The Volatility of Definition

Curated by Neville Brody

Future Interaction and Experiences

Curated by Yuri Suzuki
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