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Design Products (MA)

Object Mediated Interaction


Tutors: Claudia Dutson, Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa & Manja van de Worp

Object Mediated Interactions (OMI) provokes designers to operate in the unseen boundaries of objects revealed by technological, social and environmental shifts. Projects in OMI investigate the design and communication of hidden systems in the contemporary landscape of product design, some of these systems are digital, whilst others might be economic or cultural.

The work in OMI is diverse, covering of year of investigations within the platform: the projects cross many territories where design can intervene… memory, touch, machines, waste, self-care, tattooing, sound, algorithms and the profound emotion of missing the Earth. The projects on show are objects of activism and agency, environments of immersion, tools that help overcome physical limitations, and machines with their own desires and objectives.


Primacy of Precipice

Curated by Joanna Moresky

2020 Vision

Curated by Sebastian Conran

A Sense of Humanity

Curated by Paola Antonelli
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