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Service Design (MA)


The possibilities and challenges around technology, society, identity and how we can sustain the planet are at the centre of Service Design students work this year. Using human-centred design, system thinking and creativity allow them to imagine services that have the capacity to transform how we live and work.

Collaborating closely with partners such as IKEA, Barclays, local authorities and technology start-ups, the students have explored and provided radical solutions for how we sleep, stay healthy, age well, live in communities, strengthen our individual expertise at work, travel in cities and address social and culture issues. In every case, deep insight into people and systems, reframing problems and then creating new opportunities helps people think the unthinkable and work together to take positive steps to solve big problems.

In a year transformed, the students have responded by using digital tools to co-create with the people they are designing for in researching, designing and developing future proof solutions. Whether with a digital post-it or 100,000 followers on social media, the service design Class of 2020 is ready for this world and the future one they will play a big part in shaping.

Study Service Design at the RCA:


Through the Lens of Science and Data

Curated by Markus Nordberg

Optimistic, Singular and New

Curated by Jony Ive

Designing for Difficulty

Curated by Tim Brown

Future Continuous

Curated by Dr Nick de Leon

Optimistic, Singular and New

Curated by Jony Ive

Healthcare and Wellness

Curated by Bill Evans

Searching for Presence

Curated by John Thackara

Life in the future

Curated by Ryan Jongwoo Choi
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