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Textiles (MA)

Soft Systems


Soft Systems Textiles focuses on developments within physical attributes to soft materials and combining them with digital assemblies. This particular specialism places innovation at the forefront of the creative practice. An ecosystem is developed which questions the materiality of our lives, pioneering alternative ways of thinking and making that transcend digital and physical boundaries informed by a robust background in material knowledge and emerging fabrication technologies. Students apply a creative experimental approach to propose and prototype new architectures for responsive and adaptive textiles.


Peekaboo Pikachu

Curated by Joyce Wang

Feasting and Weeding

Curated by Sue Timney

Healthcare and Wellness

Curated by Bill Evans

Being in Nature: When Me Becomes We

Curated by Dr Christine Checinska
AirArt And ScienceBiodegradableBiodesignBiomaterialBodyBubbleCmfColourConstructDynamicFashionHandcraftHealthcareInteractiveInterfaceMaterial LanguageMaterialityRecycleSculptureSoft RoboticsSoft SystemsSustainabilityTechnologyTextilesWearable
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