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Fashion (MA)



-wear:to have something on one’s body as clothing, decoration, or protection.

Competitiveness + instrumental rationality + desire = -wear

Autonomy + action + sustainability = USELESS-wear

USELESS-wear stays away from casual wear, suits and uniforms. It is not a product or collection of specific garments.

USELESS-wear is an approach to achieving lived aesthetics of low material desire and high life experience, reducing pressure and anxiety in marketisation and monetization.

USELESS-wear is participants connecting with communities and exploring their identities in ‘useless culture’. Everyone empowered to create their own value.

USELESS- wear does not deny the meaning of commodities, it gives them new recognizable and traceable meaning.

USELESS-wear is a system opposing utilitarianism and instrumental rationality. It is not expected to achieve a desired end or outcome, fighting against profit-based and efficiency-oriented working systems. It examines fashion systems through the perspective of decommodification, questioning which group or class of people fundamentally benefit from fashion.

USELESS-wear is a weapon, resisting the hegemony of neoliberalism, calling for an environment without competitiveness, filled with rich living resources.

USELESS-wear is a new luxury, which can neither offer practical promise nor better realistic circumstances within our HIGHLY COMPETITIVE SOCIETY.

New Luxury – An open resource, a slow fashion community.



Materials, Mind, Fashion Forsaken

Curated by Alex Box & Philip Delamore
BehaviourCovid-19CraftsmanshipInstallationLabourMachineryMenswearMixed MediaNeoliberalismPost-WorkSculptureStructureSurpriseSurveillanceSustainabilityTimeUselessnessWorkers
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