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Over the past few months we have watched fifty-one emerging designers sustain their communities by remaining in conversation with each other. Learning through action, protest and further questions about how they might handle what lies ahead. How can they make changes that matter?

Their demands of self, their development and conversations, gave them tenacity and focus. Their own drive, desire and dreaming laid bare. Sometimes strong, sometimes lost.

This is a time they will never lose. An experience they take with them. A series of voices bound by two years of being together. The beginning of a simple network, a circle of fifty-one, who close their eyes for ten and when they open begin the rest of their lives.

They begin to share an intimate discussion. A collection of design thinkers emerging. Challenging ideas of agency, autonomy, systems, language, form, material, care, gender and tools. They share their work, their world, their own voice and a collective voice.

We are now all part of each other.

Through science, history and poetic philosophies - the molecular, time and self – we must find a way to create a fluid, beautiful planet that no longer breaks.

We build through how we learn.


Art is life

Curated by Alber Elbaz

Materials, Mind, Fashion Forsaken

Curated by Alex Box & Philip Delamore

Primacy of Precipice

Curated by Joanna Moresky

RCA2020: One Designer’s View (Part One)

Curated by Ian Griffiths

A curation by Fabien Baron

Curated by Fabien Baron

Hyper Form

Curated by Viktoria Modesta

I Shall be your Mirror

Curated by Francesca Amfitheatrof


Curated by Emma Shipley

Future Continuous

Curated by Dr Nick de Leon

Fashion F*ckery?

Curated by Gareth Pugh and Carson McColl
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