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Fashion (MA)



When you walk past a construction site and see builders wearing worn out workwear, ruffing off in holes, as a fashion designer have you ever considered helping them improve the design of their workwear?

For a long time, fashion designers have been extracting elements from workwear to feature in their fashion practice, but it's rare to see designers turn back and help design that which inspires them.

Studying at the RCA, we are able to criticize our industry, understand the inadequacies of society, and design for people in need. Workwear designers on this pathway, as well as providing clothes with improved function and protection, consider the value of their contributions which have long been ignored by society.

There’s a lack of a holistic workwear design teaching offered by design institutes. Most workwear brands maintain the same design template and guidelines, resulting in methods of designing workwear which have left many countries in the past. Workwear design needs new blood.

Students on the Workwear pathway look for alternatives through their use of material, creating something artistic and functional. We seek to usher in a new era in the fashion & workwear industry.


Fashion F*ckery?

Curated by Gareth Pugh and Carson McColl
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