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Read more about how this year’s students have adapted, innovated and reimagined their practice against the backdrop of unprecedented world events.
School of Design
Textiles (MA)

Constructors, Preservers and Responders

This year students in the MA Textiles Programme have identified themselves within three themes, formulated by students as a way to prepare for showcasing their work as a community.
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School of Arts & Humanities
Writing (MA)


A collaboration between MA Writing students and Flat Time House, the former home of John Latham

RCA2020 Visual Identity: Representing People and Practice

Words by Ricky Stoch
For the first time in recent history, RCA students from across the College were invited to pitch to design the visual identity for the RCA’s graduate exhibition.
School of Arts & Humanities
V&A/RCA History of Design

Digital Discomforts

V&A/RCA History of Design
As we adjust to life under new rules, like everyone else, we've had to radically alter our approach to studying and working.

6 Curated, Computed Collections

School of Architecture
A machine-readable dataset, resulting in a curatorial collaboration between the School of Architecture, artificial intelligence and six invited critics.
School of Arts & Humanities
Ceramics & Glass (MA)

The Unstable & Altered States of Fluidity

Ceramics & Glass
An exploration of the human condition, explored through material states of flux and fluidity by three Ceramics & Glass students.
School of Arts & Humanities
Writing (MA)


‘Attention’ is an anthology of writing developed from an MA Writing workshop on scale, duration, and endurance delivered by Brian Dillon.
School of Arts & Humanities
Curating Contemporary Art (MA)

Curating Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Curating Contemporary Art
Five distinct online exhibitions, curated in partnership with leading UK-based art organisations.
School of Architecture
Architecture (MA)

Moving Parts

Mark Campbell and Thandi Loewenson
Media. History. Ethics. Materials. Collaborations. Law. These are not supplements to an architectural project, but intrinsic, moving parts in the development of any design.
School of Arts & Humanities
Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

The Forms of Resistance

Arieh Frosh, Farvash, Jamie Steedman, Kaushikee Gupta, Mayssa Kanaan and Peter Spanjer
A series of talks in four chapters, The Forms of Resistance is an inquiry into the resistive functions and functioning of artistic practice.
School of Architecture
Architecture Research (MPhil) (PhD)

A Short History of the Elevator Pitch

Ines Weizman
A short, spoken story to catch the interest of an imaginary interlocutor, as if told during an elevator ride. A situation invented by architecture, which points to the elevator not just as an architectural element, but as a media form.
School of Architecture
Architecture (MA)

Community and Culture / Continued Conversations

Xcessive Aesthetics and Thandi Loewenson
Stories around the forms of collective and socially–engaged practice forged within the School of Architecture show that attitudes fostered within the School lead to a series of continued conversations among graduates, students and staff, between cohorts, and across the college too.
School of Architecture
Architecture (MA)


A new way to discover and navigate the work of MA Architecture graduates
Folios is the Royal College of Art MA Architecture students’ online folio library. Visitors are able to read, download original architecture design studio (ADS) folios and compile their own folio by choosing a selection of the students’ contributions. Each generated PDF publication is stored immediately and will be accessible in the folio library.
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