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Attention is an anthology of writing developed from an MA Writing workshop on scale, duration, and endurance delivered by Brian Dillon.

In his words the task was “to consider the forms of ‘attention’ or concentration that inform critical (and other kinds of) writing – these may include the duration of looking at or experiencing a work of art, place, object, or state; the spatial delimiting of your topic (a place, a room, a detail); the organisation of material by hierarchy or stratification or narrative movement. Among the narrative clichés often levelled at critics is one that says they have not paid enough “attention” to the work at hand… What is, or could be, the duration, extent, and degree of proper attention?”

With this in mind, fifteen students from the class collected their responses and self-organised a publication, accompanied by a launch event at the Morocco Bound book shop in Bermondsey. The leading editors behind the project were Yin Ying Kong, Rose Higham-Stainton and Bryony Bodimeade. The print publication was designed by Alec McWilliam.

A selection of works from the anthology can be found on the student profiles of Nina Hanz, Yin Ying Kong, Esme Bogis, Ludovica Colacino, Fiona Glen, Yuan Xiao, George Leith, Judith A. Hagan and James Ireland.

Hush, James Ireland

Publication Editors: Yin Ying Kong, Rose Higham-Stainton, Bryony Bodimeade

Designed by: Alec McWilliam

Printed by: Tallinn Book Printers

With many thanks to the Royal College of Art, Brian Dillon, Sally O’Reilly, Jeremy Millar, Emily LaBarge, and Tess Piggott

To find out more about MA Writing students head over to their Programme page.

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