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Constructors, Preservers and Responders

This year students in the MA Textiles Programme have identified themselves within three themes; The Constructors, The Preservers and The Responders. These themes, derived from their Work In Progress Show back in January, were formulated by students as a way to prepare for showcasing their work as a community.

This has all been finely tuned for RCA2020 in direct response to their practice as textile designers within the current climate and an ever growing need to embrace the multiplicity that textiles can embrace and also challenge. During Lockdown Textiles students, staff and alumni have been incredibly active, delivering activities and events to keep their community connected. This has included the creation of the RCA Textiles Social Lectures Committee, a team of students organising and delivering lectures.

In the spirit of these events the Programme will be hosting intimate conversations in response to these themes which are open to public attendence.

Without further ado we present The Constructors, The Preservers and The Responders.

Meet the Constructors

Builders of narratives, spaces and objects, they translate worlds that encounter new territories with intended purpose, interweaving construction methods that are contrasting yet form harmonious environments.

Meet the Preservers

Breathing new life into forms, substances and stories, they reflect on past rituals to drive change toward fostering, sustaining and protecting the ecosystem that surrounds it.

Meet the Responders

Responders have a playful approach to their practice, environment and bodies.  An interaction with the senses that inform alternative behaviours towards futures that are responsive, sensitive and conscious.


Textiles 2020 have identified themselves within three themes; The Constructors, The Preservers and The Responders.

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