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Service Design (MA)

Agata Juszkiewicz

Hi, I am Agata Juszkiewicz. Check out my portfolio:

I am curious, love to experiment and am never too proud to fail. Bringing value through applying human-centred design to technology while balancing user and business goals fascinates me! I design experiences for digital products and services. I have done design for mobile, desktop, wearables and virtual reality while working with tech companies and banks across the world. Identifying user needs, solving problems and making things happen is what motivates me.


2019, awarded in the CERN x RCA Grand Challenge for the team project “Knowtrition” – healthtech food innovation (among 374 students, 74 interdisciplinary teams) and presented the project to engineers and entrepreneurs in CERN in Switzerland.

2018, awarded in the Grant Program in the KPMG Poland Ideas Loading dedicated to supporting students’ business projects for the “Understand Africa: Business Opportunities” voluntary initiative developed with students from Warsaw School of Economics.

2017, in the team of four designers, won the competition organised by National Heritage Institute to design the visual identity and way-finding system for over 2.000 international participants at the UNESCO “41st Session of the World Heritage Committee” two-week session in Cracow, Poland.



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Service Design (MA)



I examine social and business issues that vary in any dimension – from healthcare and wellbeing to food retail, and from financial to the future of consulting – through both human and data perspectives.

I have skills to easily express my thinking and understanding of a problem both visually and textually, I effectively progress through the design process while staying realistic and emphasizing with people who will use a product/service I develop.

My design approach is all about balancing creativity with analytical approach through constant iterations. I prefer to prototype early in the process, as I believe failing sooner leads to learning faster. Throughout, I try to collect data to inform my design decisions.

Furthermore, I drive my projects towards clearly defined goals (and if they are unclear, I am able to clarify them with stakeholders) while constantly validating the constraints of proposed solutions. I find myself working well both in a team or individually.

Knowtrition – Smart diet for your future self [VIDEO]
Meet the designer – Agata Juszkiewicz [VIDEO]

Knowtrition – User Experience

Knowtrition – Ecosystem and Mobile app

“Knowtrition” is a preventive healthtech and food retail innovation designed for people who aim to maintain a well-balanced diet routine, in order to prevent potential chronic diseases in the future. This consists of a scanner in a form of transformable bag made of bioplastic which is biodegradable; a skin patch that monitors nutrition data in the body and displays a real-time information of the food; and an app that calculates nutritional needs of the user based on food purchasing history and health data, as well as generating a personalised products suggestion.

Project has been awarded as a winning project in a RCA x CERN Grand Challenge (among 74 teams, 374 students from across the School of Design) and we have presented the idea in CERN in Switzerland.


1 month

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Spectrum – Marketing and Sales Workbench [VIDEO]

Spectrum – Key Stakeholders

Spectrum – Personas

Spectrum – Current Process Flows

“Spectrum” is a workflow and content management system for the wholesale market in a world leading Private Bank (Marketing and Sales teams). Spectrum is integrated with current capabilities of their internal platform and pools together apps and tools in one dashboard.

Key features:
• Integrated Client and Contact categorisation within dashboards
• Integrated tailoring content capabilities
• Exploiting Business Intelligence
• Simpler and automated processes to align marketing and sales more effectively

Team members: Agata Juszkiewicz, Chao Dai, Lydia Liu, Allie Qian, Hwangjoo Kim


2 months

In Collaboration with:


A collaboration between Royal College of Art and CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics – birthplace of the World Wide Web and the Large Hadron Collider.


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