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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Alice Johnson

Originally from Stroud, Gloucestershire, Alice Johnson studied Illustration at the University of Brighton where she graduated in 2017. She then went on to study Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art in 2018.

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2020 – 24:4, Private Home 

2019 – The Amber Room 

2019 – Otomys Gallery

2019 - WIP, RCA 

2018 - Edition94 

2018 - New Designers, One Year In 

2017 – Lustre, Contemporary Craft Maker’s Market

2017 – Twofold, Brighton University illustration and graphics degree show at The Bargehouse

2015 – 17 - Nothing But Navy, Exhibition 



It’s Nice That - August 2019 

House and Garden - April 2019 

House and Garden Website - 2018 




Instagram - @studioalicejohnson

Instagram - @pottery_pets


Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Evoking a sense of joy, humour and nostalgia is central in my work. I do this through the playful use of colour, shape and form; aiming to tell a story in the pieces I make. The relationship between different materials and the translation of two to three dimensions is an integral part of my practice: the evolution of a drawing transforming into life to become something real is key, transitioning from something liminal to physical. 

I am often intrigued by our relationships with objects and the versatility of coexisting materials in a ‘domestic collage’. Objects are the props of our existence in the theatrical interior scenes we inhabit. While exploring the material landscape of the domestic and how the roles of the functional and the sculptural play within this, I look at our modern and primal rituals within the private yet digitised domestic space. I intend to create work that embodies this by abstracting the familiar and functional and turning it into something sculptural. 

An Artist book depicting work made during lockdown, exploring themes of domesticity, mundane everyday rituals and our relationships with objects.


Polyfilla, Papier-mâché, Paint


3D Scan


Popped Up

Paper to Polyfilla


Line to Form


Polyfilla Collage

Leaping Out

Head in the Polyfilla Clouds

The 3D work needs the 2D work to support it and vice versa, there is a harmony between them, creating a theatrical discourse, where a flat image, once cut out and stood up gains personality and depth. The transition from two dimensions to three is something I wanted to explore with the “material of the moment”: Polyfilla. It’s almost a hybrid of clay and plaster to work with, smooth yet sticky and dries hard on your fingers but joyful to work with. The indexical nature of ceramics can be replicated, yet unlike clay, you can smooth Polyfilla onto a wooden board to create a three dimensional texture on a two dimensional plane, pushing the boundaries of when the flat springs up from its canvas.


Polyfilla, Papier-mâché, Paint, Foil, Ink, Plywood


Dimensions Variable

No Doubt, Motivational Totem — Front. Size - H:17cm, W:10cm, D:6cm

No Doubt, Motivational Totem — Back. Size - H:17cm, W:10cm, D:6cm

Domestic Skin and Bones — Size - H:29cm, W:20cm, D:10cm

Humble Materiality

Jumped From the Page — Size - H:30cm, W:35cm, D:9cm

I'm Blue — Size - H:9cm, W:14.5cm, D:5cm

Germs on a Shelf — Left Totem, Size H:13cm, W:18cm, D:6cm

Looking Through — Size - H:17cm, W:13cm, D:6cm

In It Together

:o Gobsmacked — Size - H:13.5cm, W:9cm, D:6cm

No Shoes Indoors — Size (With Terracotta 'Shoes') - H:29cm, W:17cm, D:8.5cm

No Shoes Indoors (Close up) — Size (With Terracotta 'Shoes') - H:29cm, W:17cm, D:8.5cm

Yes, ceramics is one of the core materials surrounding us in the domestic realm – we eat off it, we wash our hands in it, we drink our tea from it; but there is a poignancy to using materials that are a biproduct of our lives. These include materials such as newspaper, foil, cardboard, etc; and those that are for the house’s infrastructure: Polyfilla, tape, paint samples; completely every day and completely mundane. I set out to transform the mundane to the marvellous: to celebrate the everyday rituals in a time when we are so aware and at one with them. These totems set out to embody this.


Polyfilla, Papier-mâché, Paint, Foil, Ink, Ceramic Pigment, Pencil
22 July 2020
12:30 (GMT + 0)

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