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ADS7: Something in the Air – Politics of the Atmosphere

Alice Marwood

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School of Architecture

ADS7: Something in the Air – Politics of the Atmosphere

MARWOOD ALICE ON HARD EARTH ENVELOPED IN NUO S LIFE DRAWING 1 — The process of making, sharing and tasting tea has a global appeal. It also has the potential to share, in a sensorial way, changes happening within local and global ecosystems. By carefully attuning ourselves to the taste of this tea, we can begin to taste climate change; gaining an understanding from the tea. These drawings accompany the viewers through various stages of climate grief, and expose how climate change is affecting this particular nomadic community of the Tibetan Plateau, who, like others, rely heavily on their ecosystem, not only to survive but to live. Can understanding mourning elsewhere afford us the sensitivity and awareness of what is underway? What is to come for the rest of the world, at varying speeds and scales? This set of drawings—this story—is open, for the end is not yet written. Can it allow you to find and develop your own understanding, acceptance, and processing of the changes we are facing?




25 x 229 cm

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