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Service Design (MA)

Amogh Lux

“Call me Trim Tab”

I am a service designer with 5+ years of experience in user research, experience design, digital marketing and business design. I have a passion to explore how organizations can build a richer understanding of their problem landscape through a design research methodology, develop human centered service experiences and optimize resource allocation with a focus on digital transformation.

I think service design presents a powerful approach for organizations to strengthen their offerings, deliver meaningful experiences and strategically implement systemic interventions.

I'm excited about the future and how technology is part of the conversation and discovering new ways to humanize digital experiences. I'm equally excited about the business value of design, especially when it comes to efficient resource allocation and building high quality experiences.




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Service Design (MA)

It was last October, when I was sweat soaked under the bright African sun facilitating a workshop to explore financial capacity building in rural Zambia that I began to think that our biggest challenge now might be “designing a world where people come first”. I’ve taken that line from Steve Hilton because it aptly describes what I’ve set out to do as a designer. 

Today, having clocked in 90+ days of lockdown, having watched the violent eruptions of a disenfranchised society and having grappled with the mental strain of trying to ‘keep it all together’, the cracks have been revealed. The disconnect between people and the bigger services/systems that look to support them is evident and clearly, requires an urgent response. You and me, as the disillusioned citizen, consumer, user and human have already recognized this. In fact, for most part, we’ve accepted this unfortunate fate because ‘this is life’.

But the last 5 years of traversing various creative and business environments across the globe through different roles have taught me maybe there’s another way of doing this. I’m a Bangalore born, Lagos raised, California groomed and now London nurtured kid. I see the world in spectrums and gradients which has always allowed me to imagine new ways of designing systems and experiences. I care deeply about designing for inclusivity and building capacity within organizations to drive impact and always prioritize the human. My work is guided by my intention to bridge the gaps between business, society and technology. Heal those cracks :)

Looking ahead I want to be part of the movement that designs a world where people come first. I’m keen on an opportunity that combines my interests in systemic innovation, ethnographic research and storytelling. I see my role as a navigator on this journey to an inclusive world with sustainable business practices and technology that empowers people’s lives.

The social kit — A range of items that help residents kickstart conversations and reach out to their larger community

Digitally Enabled — Easy virtual access to community activities and beyond for residents

Challenge Cards — Ideas and challenges to explore the area and get to know people in the neighborhood

Launch Project

Co created with residents

Knock Knock - A socially enabled resident experience.
What would future community look like?
Connecting residents with their community

Connecting residents with their community

Knock Knock is your community service to get familiar with your area, to start meaningful interactions with people around you and to kickstart a long friendship with the community you belong to.

This project aims to explore "how we can build stronger social layers in communities across the UK by increasing local social opportunities available to current and future residents". This is because social alienation, isolation and disconnection has become an urgent issue among individuals in urban spaces although population density is getting higher. This can partly be as a result of living digitally invaded lives, a highly commercialized approach to development and the psychological barriers to developing trust and channels which allow people to share, connect and collaborate.

In light of the existing global pandemic these issues demand an urgent response. The emerging and increasing needs of society and industries during and following the COVID-19 pandemic include; addressing cohesion, increasing social connection, and enabling greater access to existing assets within communities for improved resilience and increased opportunities for collaboration, sharing and support.

In Collaboration with:

Building Regional Food Systems

Scheme snapshot

Prototype Blue Print

Research Highlights

A future vision for gender empowerment

A future vision for gender empowerment

The #HerZambia Scheme is a national service vision focused on capacity building of rural Zambian women at the risk of poverty. The scheme envisions empowering it's beneficiaries to be catalysts for establishing regional food systems through inclusive smallholder farming activities and a cooperative business model. Over 3 horizons (phases) the scheme will work to co-develop regional food systems in Zambia with it’s beneficiaries. Horizon one focuses on building successful smallholder farms. This is the core of the whole scheme and will enable the beneficiary to sustain her daily life through regular income generation by making the most of her existing skill set. Horizon two looks at embracing the emerging opportunity to develop community wealth by grouping small holder farmers in a cooperative model to access economies of scale while maintaining an operation within their capacity. Horizon three aims to nurture growth to uplift the entire region by developing regional food systems which will generate economic opportunities for the whole community.

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