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Experimental Design

Anthony Jennison


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Experimental Design

Anthony Jennison is a British artist from the North East. His practice is informed by objects that encompass ‘tradition' and the performance of 'ritual'. Specifically, it refers to objects that play a role in the production of social rituals, in order to communicate greater political commentary through congregational activities.

'Tea Cosy' 2020.

'Tea Cosy (Construction)' 2020.

The Masc or Manage initiatives objective is to mitigate the risk of male suicide in the UK through DIY activity. Statistics published by Samaritans report men are three times as likely to commit suicide, with the highest rate amongst those aged 45-49(Samaritans, 2019).

The design is a large scale hand-knitted Tea cosy structure, that will embark on a nationwide tour of 35 towns and cities in local Working Mens Clubs, vacant retail premises and community centres, where DIY workshops will take place. Working collaboratively with local charities, the aim is to re-ignite community foundations and signpost NHS services to those who feel unheard. Each location has an allocated charity or group that will participate on the day. We will work together to build the dome and practice DIY such as painting, wallpapering and up-cycling furniture.
Generations of working class men have attended WM clubs to relax after work, and popularity was high
during the mining and steel industries of the late 20th century. Many older working men come to the club to escape loneliness, but it is never discussed. Many WM clubs are members only and closed off from the wider community, which can increase isolation. Therefore, the tea cosy would encourage members to be aware of the signs that someone is struggling and that it is okay to talk.


Knitted Merino Wool, Laminated plywood, Flexi ply 3mm.



'Working Mens Club Collage and Draft' 2020. — Collage on paper. Graphite on paper.

“ For me, the tea cosy takes me to my gran, and the tea pot and cosy being wheeled through the house for a cup of tea. It ignited conversation about how my day went, how I was feeling, if something was particularly difficult and asking for her advice. The tea pot was placed centred on the table between us, it was the mediator for confessing any mental struggles I had. I would open up to a point where the problem was halved and shared, to then be able to move forward and deal with the issue, feeling supported and comforted. It lightened the load off my shoulders, knowing that now, I wasn’t alone. Now she’s gone, I yearn for that next cup of tea with her and solve the stresses and difficulties of life. Therefore, I built my own.”

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