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Photography (MA)

Bobby Monteverde

Bobby Monteverde (London, UK) is a research-based artist whose practice unpacks the codifications of religion and consumerism by producing photographs, olfaction, sculptures and installations. Bobby Monteverde will shortly be exhibiting at:





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School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

St. Paul's Cathedral Holy Water 250ml £1.25

Zamzam Water 500ml £8.29

"Contaminated 'ZamZam' holy water from Mecca sold in UK" 5 May 2011 by Guy Lynn BBC News

"Contaminated 'ZamZam' holy water from Mecca sold in UK" 5 May 2011 by Guy Lynn BBC News

Mass(age) is the Message

Mass(age) is the Message

Rosary Dispenser Assemblage Tutorial — Is your rosary dull, plastic and ordourless? Has its scent been lost through post-industrial times? Then the Rosary Dispenser is here to save you! With this Limited Covid-19 Edition Rosary Dispenser you can freshen up your ideology. Simply follow the Shopping List provided using any ecommerce platform, await the arrival of the objects to your door and assemble away! Easy and appropriate for all ages. What better way to smell God than through our simulacra?* *Offer is for a limited time only. Terms and Commandments apply.

Rosary Dispenser: Covid 19 Edition

Rosary Dispenser: Covid 19 Edition Assemblage Diagram

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