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Documentary Animation

Carol Harrison

A level Art, Distinction, aged 15

Mural Painting / Mosaicist

Martial Arts / Women’s Self- Defence Tutor

Jewellery Maker


Firefighter- London Fire Brigade

Bare Juice Underwear- designer maker

Community Printworks- Oxford House

BA Creative and Media Writing

Core Arts, Textiles

Tutor Morley College - Bra Making, Lingerie and Sportswear


Draw, Print, Paint

Degree Details

School of Communication

Documentary Animation

I am a 56 year old Grandmother/Student living life back to front. The challenge of learning a new process brought me to the Royal College of Art. I have many creative and constructive skills; drawing, painting, collage, print, knitting, sewing, making all self- taught and practice based. I think with my hands and problem solving is at the core of what I do. My views are anti-elitist. I believe that all creative expression is Art. Art is for Everyone and can be by Anyone. I made my first animation in 2007 as the final project for a degree in writing. In the combination of forms; drawing / telling stories / relating experience, there was a way to express my reaction to where we were in the world in a visual way and a perspective both personal and political. Age brings another Lens. My MA project A Memoir looks back 50 years to document the time and place I grew up in specific detail. I’ve had space to collaborate, experiment and develop my own film making process. It is the discovery in the process that motivates me to do such labour intensive work. My method; an immersion in documentary research, to support the world building and reconstruction of my own visual, spatial and sensory memory. I wanted to incorporate and reframe the source material into something new, using rudimentary methods and a hands-on approach to make a 3d physical environment / puppets and 2d cut-out work in stop-motion.

I’ve just begun to explore the creative possibilities of using film in this way and will be working on ideas for what to do next.

The Personal is Political — Graduation Film. Animated Memoir; childhood re-constructed with a message for now. The movements of the early 70's traced through the means of communication; posters, leaflets and pamphlets, 2d & 3d stop-motion /original musical score.
A Musical Animated Memoir set in London 1968-73
A reflection and re-creation of the years that shaped who I am.
A time when protest and resistance were part of everyday life. What was personal - politicized when people came together to fight for their rights.
The actions of Students, the Women’s Movement, Gay Liberation, Squatters and Claimants Unions, provide a documentary framework for what are in essence personal memories, a child’s POV.
The political message is traced through the means of communication; hand drawn comics, screen- printed posters, leaflets, placards, papers, pamphlets and the underground press. They reflect the concerns of the time, relate directly to what’s going on today and feel just as relevant 50 years on.
An exercise in trace memory associated with home. A sensory journey through the textures, colours and sounds of childhood, re-constructed.
The sound has been mixed for head-phones, please wear them for best experience.


Film, 2d cut-out and 3d modelled, Stop-Motion Animation



In Collaboration with:

Source Material; Political Posters The Poster Workshop existed at an exceptional time. It thrived on the energy generated by the belief that huge changes were possible - indeed were already taking place around the world, through growing movements for equality, civil rights, justice, freedom, democracy and revolution. The posters made there show the extraordinary diversity of those who came to the workshop. It was a microcosm of much that was happening nationally and internationally. It was an expression of that time - of excitement, change, and hope.
Source Material; Featured Photographs. Often raw and uncomfortable, Hoffman’s work is both dispassionate documentary and steely social challenge. By engaging with the image, we are forced to recognise the world as others live it and to consider our own position.
Peter Sweeney wrote, composed, played, organised and arranged the music for The Personal is Political. Singers; Anjelica Wright, Lizette Juhl, Cecile Kaasgaard, Robert Pinniger, Amy Hannam.
Creative Partner
Make and Build — The making of The Personal is Political. Start music then film.

ideas sketch 2

ideas sketch

Pipe cleaner plasticine



cigarette coupons, green shield stamps


Short film - Making The Personal is Political. Music Yes We Can Can
How it all came together, working method and process.
Grace Manning: Bricks
Gail Evans: Shoes
Ben Sweeney: Mouse





In Collaboration with:


beret — Reading Society du Spectacle, Guy Du Bord

We Must Break the Fangs of Capitalism

We Must Break the Fangs of Capitalism — Poster Workshop

The Time is Right for Fighting in the Streets

The Time is Right for Fighting in the Streets — Poster Workshop

Same Bosses, Same Fight — Poster Workshop

Womens Liberation Front — Women get Militant

Launch Project

Free Huey Newton — Poster Workshop

WHY MISS WORLD? — Leaflet produced for the Miss World Protest 1970

Miss World Demo 1970

Mass Media Distorts — Women's Newspaper

Capitalism has created pseudo-needs to increase consumption
The Time is Right.....
Leaflet produced for the Miss World Protest 1970
The competition will soon be over we have been in the Miss World Contest all our lives, as the judges judge us, living to please men, dividing other women into safe friends and attractive rivals, graded, degraded, humiliated. We have seen through it
Mecca are super pimps selling women’s bodies .........
Women’s bodies used by business men to sell their garbage, but they are only small time pimps in our everyday prostitution, -
Legs selling stockings, corsets selling waists, cunts selling deodorants
Mary Quant selling sex – our sexuality is being taken away from us, turned into money for someone else, then returned deadened by anxiety,
Women watching why are you here
The man’s making money out of us

We are not beautiful we are not ugly we are angry


Reshaping Research Materials

Pete and Jel — Peter and Anjelica on their first visit to set

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes — First year puppet/Set building and Stop-Motion exercise
Collaboration is an essential part of film-making. Music sets the emotional tone to communicate on a different level.
Peter Sweeney:
Peter Sweeney wrote, composed, played, organised and arranged the music for The Personal is Political

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