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Footwear, Accessories, Millinery & Eyewear

Chenge Guo

Chenge Guo is an accessory designer from China. She finished her bachelor degree at Beijing institute of fashion technology. From then she kept exploring interactive accessories direction with her personal style. After she get into the royal college of art, she tried to combine different elements which from the other filed and the accessory itself.


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Footwear, Accessories, Millinery & Eyewear

My collection is a portable gym. The initial inspiration for it, as well as the materials I’ve realised it with, came from the fitness world. The main material is natural rubber, which is 100% environmentally friendly. The aim of the collection is to give fashion accessories a new definition, as well as extra functions beyond those of a container, such as allowing the user to exercise. 

The whole collection is transformable in order to meet people’s different needs. These accessories participate in the user’s life, they’re interactive objects not only when we wear them, but also when we play with them. 

In the future, I would like to further explore methods of developing accessories with extra functions, and lead more and more people to understand the crucial role that functionalities, as well as aesthetics, can play in the fashion field. 

collage — I brought the idea of changeable-volume of bags into this collage as well. The purpose of this is adding a sense of interaction in my project, and also it is one of of the main point I am trying to say via my works.

exercise roller bag attempt — This was my first attempt to incorporate a sports object into my accessory design, based on that my whole project was Portable Gym, this is a starting point. Later, In order to add functionality to the design, I changed the color and backpack capacity and usage.

sketches-inside the bag — This is a page sketch of the internal structure of the backpack in my process, drawn after conducting research on how to make greater use of space.

These are some of my project processes-collages and sketches.


portable gym-kneecap — One of the portable pressure-relief kneecap pads is presented digitally.
portable gym-running backpack — A changeable volume backpack with extra function.
portable gym-chair bag — A multi-functional chair bag with extra Function.
Showing the whole collection in digital way.

connect project -sketches — boxing glove waist bag from connect project,I also add some sports elements into design, to show that I can design different style.

connect project-connect with Alexander Wang



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