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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Chuanyu Qi

Chuanyu Qi is a Chinese artist based in China. She studied in the Metal Arts, Department of Arts and Crafts at Tsinghua University, specializing in traditional Chinese and asian jewellery and silversmithing techhniques. This has given her a fundamental understanding of making and provided a window through which to view the contemporary jewellery world. During her BA studies, Chuanyu participated in the partnership program, a collaboration between Bejing Shunze Gold Company and Tsinghua University. Three of her projects were selected and produced as a result. Her work Untitled Vase was selected and exhibited in the 6th Students’ Excellent Work Exhibition of Academy of Arts&Design, held by Tsinghua University in 2016. After graduating, Chuanyu worked as co-designer with fashion studios and lead designer in accessory department of Nayoung, Younie (Beijing) Trading Company Limited, China.

At the RCA Chuanyu’s interests turned towards the contemporary jewellery field and philosophical ideas contained in the work of philosophers such as Albert Camus and his theories of existentialism. Her work titled Ring Rings was featured in the One Man Band project, a collaboration between the RCA’s Jewellery and Metal programme and The Horniman Museum. Her piece Brain Filters was exhibited in Matter -Morphosis, at the Dyson Gallery London in May 2019. Chuanyu’s first experience in curation was for the Jewellery Cultural Exchange Exhibition at Sunny Art Centre London in Feb, 2020. Chuanyu’s own work was exhibited alongside work by 32 artists from 5 countries. 


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School of Arts & Humanities

Jewellery & Metal (MA)

For many, their 20s may be the best time in their lives but it can also be a time of great confusion. During these years knowledge and experience is built up and young people search for a clear aim or direction for the future. At the same time, awareness of the absurdity of life and the unknowable nature of the future leads to anxiety, especially in the circumstances of this pandemic.

Sisyphean 20s

Sisyphean 20s — Endless pursuit


No.1 — Object/necklace/brooch Material: patinated brass mesh Size:40×45×35mm

No.2 — Object/necklace/brooch Material: brass mesh Size:40×35×25mm

No.3 — Object/necklace/brooch Material: patinated brass mesh Size:40×40×31mm

No.4 — Object/necklace/brooch Material: patinated brass mesh Size:42×38×25mm

No.5 — Brooch Material: brass mesh, brass rod, stainless steel pin. Size: 37×40×43mm

Sisyphean 20s

Sisyphean 20s — Absurdity is the confirmation of its limitations by sober reason. The French philosopher Camus's words summarize the conceptual result of this project’s exploration. Life is "knowingly useless and still full of passion."

emblematic image7

The process and behaviour of exploring the “relief or solution" of confusion are absurd in itself, which is itself a questioning of one's own existence, and it is also a kind of self-awakening—full of enthusiasm for the things and the life that I love and desire. At the same time, it is full of fear of the unknown because I know the irrationality of what I yearn for.


Brass mesh, brass rod, stainless steel pin, string for necklace


Various sizes

Where am I?

Mind state

On occasion

Live with it.

Break it!

Hand mirror

Reflections fascinate me, such as the shadow on a lake or the world in the mirror. These reflections reflect on the surface an illusion similar to a real space, which exists in the real world but also does not exist in a sense. Through this series of work, I try to create a medium or a mirror or give my audiences a brain filter that can hallucinate illusory reality. A world that does not exist born, the real world and illusion are integrated.
In the first year at the RCA, I was very interested in reflections and illusions, after my researches, I found out the most fundamental reason of why am I so attracted by these is that I felt confused and lost about the present stage of my life and the existence of my own. This is the starting point of my graduation project.


Acrylic mirror, two-way mirror, recycled balloons, silver, stainless steel pin


Various sizes

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