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Design For Manufacture

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Tremi is a communication device that captures visual data and converts it into haptic feedback, by using AI to create a series of vibrations that coincide with the images. These vibrations transmit from the device on to a viewable screen allowing the user to reach out and touch a tangible representation of the image. It was designed as a tool to help those who suffer from loneliness in isolation.

There are millions of people in the UK that identify themselves as feeling lonely, with many of them struggling to make lasting, social connections with others. Theres already a rise in chronic loneliness and with the dramatic shift in how we live now in response to the pandemic and thus socially isolating, maintaining relationships is more important than ever for our mental health.

Tremi was designed through information gained from a series of interviews from people during lockdown, by understanding and utilising design thinking to implement a human centred response to the insights gained. Therefore the project set out with the goal to enable users to stay connected in a profound level, the device records surroundings and plays that back in a form of allowing the recipient to interact with the digital in a tangible way.

Current telecommunication devices are a viable way of saying connected but at a passive level through a screen and audio. This project explores how to create meaningful ways of interacting with one another but using haptic as an additional sensorial perception, by asking what if we could interact with the digital representation of a story told to us.


4 months

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