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Graphic Design

Claire Mouton

Graphic designer based in between Paris, London and Madrid organizing workshops, questioning education, and exploring the infinite field of graphic design.

Recipient of The Augustus Martin Prize



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School of Communication

Graphic Design

How important is the relation between the tool the support and the writing? 

Essential. A printed object is made of everything that compose it, How it is printed, what typeface is used and even the paper that its made of. And the graphic designers are translators, they take all the information and cook something so you can have juicy, colourful, and exiting objects in your hands. I believe in the importance of printed objectson the strength of an old book. I believe books can be made everywhere (even during a lockdown), and those objects have something special that virtuality would never have: They are real.

Oh Man!

The Paradox of the Library

The snake biting its own tail

WIP Chapbook

The Camel Train Chapbook Library

Workshops: For Folk Tales!

Regular Practice for READ & TALK

READ & TALK (cancelled because of Covid-19)


Don't forget to read more books


Oh Man! Who could have thought...

Oh Man! is a publication about Libraries. Since my MA has been marked by many library stories, this book relates to these adventures.
In the writing, I tell about the fantastic project initiated with CĂ©line Strolz (RCA 2016-2018) for the creation of a library in White City during my first year. That is when I started questioning myself about the library, the library as a space, a space that I could invest in.

The Camel Train Chapbook Library

I started a traveling library, the origin of this project was to combine the work of old school friends from Syria with the intervention of a graphic designer/illustrator/artist in a quite radical format called: a Chapbook, and those Chapbooks used to travel by post mail. Later, the Chapbooks were contained inside the Camel Train Chapbook Library that looks like a coat.
A wearable Library that travels and brings with it workshops to make more Chapbooks.

This allowed me to continue my interrogations about the Library space in support of education.
The Camel Train Chapbook Library workshops aim to open up reflections on the economy of the book but also the different ways of printing and distributing, the traveling library itself being one of them.


I proposed READ & TALK as a series of events, to make the library of our campus a place of exchange where professionals could be invited to talk about their work and introduce it through the object of the book. The events were open to all the students of the School of Communication. The guests were also for contributions to donate some of the books they had designed to help grow our library.
The Library of Common Room has been a student-led initiative to have some books in our campus since the principal library of the RCA exists on another site.
We hosted two guests before the pandemic: Regular Practice during the WIP Show and Maki Suzuki in February.
Some other times the speakers could be students who wanted to organize a workshop in the Library of the Common Room, on topics related to the field of publishing, such as a workshop to write reading lists, a writing workshop or even the launch of Content-full printed version of content-free.

Could we say that making a library means making graphic design?
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