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Painting (MA)

Ellie Dragone

Ellie Dragone (b.1995, Carmarthen) is a Welsh artist who lives and works in London. She was this year's recipient of the Zsuzsi Roboz Award 19-20, Chelsea Arts Club Trust. Recently exhibited in Nothing in that Drawer at 10 Hanover Street and Up, Up and Away, Hockney Gallery. She is one half of the collaboration ALBA with Francesca Mollett. 


Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

Working with assemblage, drawing and installation, I've been exploring connections to surface and materials of objects by interrogating their deeper context in society. The work dissassembles the existing everyday and presents a reimagined, new material language. I’ve been exploring the ambiguous space between something familiar; a presence, body or an environment, with the collision of the playful and the abstract. I've been observing the material languages of environments like the boxing gym through a feminist lens. I'm interested in what we chose to put on display, the familiarities we surround ourselves with and how aesthetic languages embedded in society trigger ideas of class, gender and identity.

Extract from Last 30, let’s go

Apart from the smell, the next thing that became apparent was the noise. It was like nothing I’d heard before, like an irregular beat of
music, screeches of feet moving, the constant punching of padded equipment. In a room full of around twenty-five boys, I was the only girl. I was ten and I loved every second.  

‘Right El, 20 minutes of skipping to warm up.’ 

I started skipping next to two others who looked slightly older than me. They were too focused on making sure their techniques were consistent to worry about me. I scouted the room, Luca and my dad were off doing pad work, some were shadow boxing, others were on the bag and two were sparring in the ring. There was an overwhelming amount of energy in one space, a mix of adrenaline and endorphins heightening all the senses.  

Deliciously bulbous gloves on every pair of hands, half a dozen bursting leather bags hanging from the ceiling, or from chunky metal bars. Flashes of blue, red, orange flying at speed, flags hung like trophies, the eyes of old posters staring back at you. Thick, red, rubber, roped around the square centre piece. There was something so raw, yet something so slick, and attractive about everything in this space.  


champion detail


Stitched Sportswear and Boxing Speed Bag, wire and hollow fibre polyester stuffing


80cm x 60cm x 35cm


2Stripe detail


Stitched Sportswear, wire, hollow fibre polyester stuffing


90cm x 70cm x 20cm

Not Your Baby

Not Your Baby detail

Not your baby detail


Stitched wearables and Boxing gloves, wire, hollow fibre polyester stuffing


90cm x 48cm x 20cm




Stitched Wearables and Bar Towels, wire, hollow fibre polyester stuffing


90cm x 100cm x 15cm

just do it. — Stitched Donnay socks, Nike Tshirt and Jeans. 70cm x 55cm x 18cm. 2020

Donnay — Stitched Donnay Socks, sportswear, wire and hollow fibre polyester stuffing 65cm x 63cm x 18cm


Stitched Donnay socks and sportswear, plastic circles, wire, hollow fibre stuffing

Guinness — Install shot

Guinness — Install Shot.

hose stripe — Install shot.


Stitched leather boots, heels, wearables and Guinness bar towel, garden rack and ladder support.

ALBA — V!O LLL . . A and Y Z 235cm x 280cm 340cm x 305cm

ALBA is a collaboration between Ellie Dragone and Francesca Mollett. From installation-based works (Dragone) to a practice based in more traditional painting (Mollett), we both share an explorative approach to materiality and drawing. Bringing in distinctive qualities of each practice, we empower one another in our decisions, the dynamic of our conversations driving the growth of the pieces.

Working in a scale that demands attention, each piece is an individual that has its own identity through the specific integration of painting and textiles, where original contexts of these disciplines are adopted by one another interchangeably. We vocalise an open-ended intention as a starting point for the work, creating a territory where limitations are formed and broken through improvisation.

We cut, collage, rip, draw, soak, splash to question and assemble a third body. The repetitive act of fragile hand-stitches become a shared labour, with thread as the unexpected bond that allows the piece to become ambitious in its size. Despite playing with the weight, folds and hems of fabrics, the work exists in the field of painting. Ownership is liberated by using each other’s visual languages as tools to access and create a new material language, made possible only by two people coming together.

Medium: Acrylic on found materials


Acrylic on found materials

Situationist RCA

Over the course of two days, ALBA will be making a new collaborative artwork in a front garden in SE15, using textiles and painting. People are invited to drop by and chat while we are making, and there will be existing works on show in and around the space. Check the website for more details.

Situationist RCA is s physical, pan-continental, temporary, see-it-in-the-flesh, blink-and-you'll-miss-it network of events, happenings and installations that will run during the course of RCA 2020.

Without out regular degree show interiors in which to present our artwork, you will be able to find us outside, in the parks, alleyways and skies of both London and beyond - the boundaries of our physical presence scattered globally.

The programme is loose, amorphous and active and can be viewed on our constantly updated website.
Medium: Painting event.
23 July 2020
14:00 (GMT + 0)

HoP Around with Alexandria Smith

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