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Felizia Berchtold

'Virtual creation with a material-led approach'

With ’The Fabric of Spaces‘ Felizia Berchtold links textile thinking with the creation of new digital worlds. Owing to pandemic, her final piece is neither tangible nor physical, but a thought process. When reaction is so vital, adaptability defines value. 

In a series of spatial renders, Felizia explores how haptic understanding of virtual imagery is communicated, taking the lead from her unique, material-focused approach. As we retreat to digital spaces out of necessity, she asks what future digital landscapes and rituals can offer. 

With a focus on wellbeing and retreat, Felizia’s vision centres around shaping human experiences; creating digital solutions to real-life needs. Reassessing digital tools allows her to develop design strategies for a broad range of spaces, including virtual waiting rooms, galleries and showrooms.  




Degree Details

School of Design


Felizia Berchtold creates and curates materials, objects and spaces.

As a designer across product, interior and textile, her cross-disciplinary insight shapes how she thinks about spaces; both physically and digitally. Felizia’s approach is led by extensive material and historical research. Through her work, she asks questions of contemporary cultural importance, drafting alternative narratives for modern living. 


Summer Breeze
Launch Project

Trace Lamp

Modern Ornament

Swatch Book House

Content in order of appearance: 1. Material scheming process | 2. 'Summer Breeze', rendered animation of a virtual waiting room, communicating atmosphere and creating a sensory experience by distilling and referencing experiences and memories of the outside world. | 3. 'Trace Lamp', the Trace Lamp is a product of craft legacy – communicating material knowledge and history through object, rendered visualisation of the design with stoneware base and raffia shade in collaboration with 3D artist Alberto Carbonell, sound by Thomas Jackson. | 4. Hand-coiled lampshade design, hand-dyed raffia, made to order. | 5. 'Modern Ornament', Modern Ornament is a textile design exaggerating decorativeness, whilst highlighting the fluidity of textiles. The design offers an alternative interpretation of modern life which incorporates nature and landscape into living spaces, jacquard woven sample, 100% cotton. | 6. Modern Ornament space render, speculative interior capturing the mood and inspiration of the design, in collaboration with Charlotte Taylor and Joan Guasch. | 7. 'Swatch Book House', a spatial sketch of what a swatch book unlimited by scale and material could look like, in collaboration with 3D artist Seba Morales, sound by Thomas Jackson. | 8. Material scheme 'Swatch Book House'.


3D Render


Graduation Project
3DArchitectureCurationDigital MaterialExperienceHapticMaterialRespondSpacetextilesVirtualwellbeing
17 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: In Conversation

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