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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Gearry Suen

Gearry Suen is a 1996 Chinese born jewellery artist based in London, educated at Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art. His early years' painting and experimental art experiences guide his creativity toward an exceptionally bold style of 21st-century jewellery. Gearry’s jewellery is deeply imaginative, an escape from reality.

Transboundary brings new blood to the jewellery industry. Visual art, photography and fine art all provide opportunities and themes for Gearry’s creative process. His strict selection of coloured stones, precious metals and diamonds are based on playful drawing skills, mural restoration methods and photographic effects. Gearry uses techniques at the forefront of High Jewellery, such as superior jade carving, gem carving, and the use of titanium, to shape his imaginative world. His creative passion is to be incisive and vivid, and create “one of a kind” pieces. 


2020 Sep | Goldsmiths' Fair 2020

2020 Mar | Schmuck 2020 Lovaas Gallery

2019 Jun | Matter Morphosis

2019 Mar | HongKong International Jewellery Week

2017 Mar | Schmuck 2017


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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

My collection explores the intersecting relationship between humanity and cyberspace through hallucinogenic experience that revealed personal conflict both loving and violent. Deconstructing both style and color from fine art painting into structures of high jewelry, I nurtured my practice to allow the use of titanium, gold, jade, diamond, sandalwood, and precious gemstones, to strengthen and soften one another in a sensual balance.

left side

left side

Right side velvet spinel

final sketch of Chimera Earrings

left ear

This pair of earrings are inspired by a crowd of hybrid hoof brand nirvana creatures drinking water next to a pond form Bosch’s painting Earthly Delight ‘. Those creatures are hybrid creatures contains the DNA of many animals or monsters. In the 21st century, a Chimera looking creature could also as an abstract symbol that represents a unity of everything. It made me start the idea of making this abstract deconstruct earrings.
My generation, the millennials, we were born surround diversity cultures, religions, sexualities, ideologies, each of us don’t represent a single identity. I was born on the border between north China and Far East Russia, I came to the UK first when I was 18. I have a Chinese background but also take all the new information I learn from other countries. All the things I saw and experienced go deep inside me and become a matter part of my identity. We are a container of everything in this information explode era, we are chimaeras.
On this pair of earrings, I used hand carved organic shape Hetian Jade, with titanium, featuring a 9 carat velvet spinel, with over 18 carat multi cut diamonds, and over 15 carat paraiba tourmalines, Burma spinels, hauynites, emeralds and multi color sapphires.


titanium, 18k gold, rose cut diamonds, color diamonds, paraiba tourmalines, spinels, sapphires, jade, emeralds, haunites


20g/22g, 5cmx6cmx3cm

front side of earrings

back side of earrings

left side earring


I was always fascinated by the relationships between AI technology and humanity. I love to explore who dominates who.
In this project, I plan to discover the irreplaceable elements from both traditional hand skill and digital 3D
technology, something both could never simulate. I'm interested in discovering a dominant relationship between AI and humanity. I wish to bring back the traditional hand skills but accelerated by technologies which represent the possibility of 21st-century art. This piece is like a multicultural conversation. This conversation is about my imaginations and trippy dreams. The conversation starts while the past meets the future, and created a hybrid creature by the witness of the cyber goddess.
The titanium structures are designed by VR oculos Medium, sandal wood parts are hand made and covered with Urushi


sandal wood, titanium, 18k gold, padparascha sapphire, diamonds, spinels, emerald, pearls,tanzanites



heavy cross, fallen of astronaut Lucifer


BAROQUE ORGANS ring music sound track


The Birth of Aphrodite

The Birth of Aphrodite, gold plated bronze, 3D printed black ceramic

Space Ship

Space Ship


skulls of my soul


"Elysium" Bangle, designed by VR. Background jewellery; emerald and diamond brooch designed and made in 2019

Out of an increasingly chaotic world, fantastic ornaments are born. Ornaments have always spoke to escaping human society by creating a bubble of wonderland away from history. 

I am inspired by cathedral decoration during plague and war periods in human history. Pure imagination turned into metal work objects convinces me to enter this Eden, a place without ideologies, boundaries, political conflicts, discrimination or cultural-identity differences. 

I was inspired by the hybrid process of reproducing alien creatures and am willing to create a dark new art nouveau atmosphere.  I wish to extend my interactions and experiences with Virtual Reality programs by using modern technology to recreate inspiring historical jewellery objects. I am using scanned museum objects and sculptures, and the Oculos Medium program to make new forms. The process changes one's view of small precious objects, I can manipulate them to become giant architectural VR structures which one can walk freely through. Thanks to the kind help I received from some video avatar designers I was able to do final retouching. Through constant experimentation and learning I am using these new technologies to discover the future possibilities of high jewellery. 

My ideas are currently evolving around retelling legendary stories with a cyber sci-fi language, and giving symbolic Royal jewellery and luxury objects a rebirth with half biology, half machina bodies. My work seeks to reflect human emotion about its potential demise by the next generation AI or super human. The panic of losing our humanity, desire, sensualism and emotions pushes me to stand on the opposite side of rationality and minimalism.


urushi, titanium, sandal wood, gold, resin, 3D print ceramic

details of the brooch

design sketches

brooch details


rose cut orange diamond earrings

“ Carbon Storm on Venus”
Yellow diamond brooch
Settled over 20 carat yellow, brown and orange diamonds. With a 3 carat D color flawless white diamond.On the bottom, there is a shield shape 1ct brownish yellow diamond.2019
A pair of golden palm shape earrings, 18k gold with two orange rose cut diamonds total 4.9carat , brown and yellow diamonds and multi cut diamonds total 22 carat. 2019


diamonds, 18k gold, yellow, brown and orange diamonds



The Abstract Bonsai Brooch This pieces of brooch were inspired by San-Yu’s oil painting and specific contemporary art style from 60s70s between Chinese ink painting aesthetic and French decorative oil painting. 18k gold, titanium, diamonds, jade, opal, garnets and alexanderites.


Seashell earrings 2020 made in titanium, aquamarines, sapphires, paraiba tourmalines and yellow aquamarines

titanium cast of seashell earrings, work in progress/ the sketch of Cygnus Brooch

Deconstruct Earrings 2019 , 18k gold, Columbia Emerald, diamonds, sapphires and paraiba tourmalines

"Au Coucher Du Soleil" ring. 15.98 carat rubellite tourmaline, Burma spinels, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds and 4.0 carat diamonds

“ Fibonacci ”bangle guache final sketch/ background; honeycomb structure of Nebula brooch (2020) wax mode

A pair of opal earrings with rose cut diamonds. Painting process. Inspired by Dunhuang Frescoes

One of my obsessions in creating high jewellery pieces is making an unforgettable hallucination become real in an object. There is excitement in analyzing the moment when I lose my mind at the beginning of a breathtaking 8-hour trip with tears rolling from my eyes, and all my favorite paintings, sculptures, photographs and stones melt into the core elements of my universe. A 2D modern-art painting turns into 3D organic shape structures; the unfocused fashion couture photoshoot turns into multi color plated titanium layers; an unhealthy abusive relationship turns into a wildly blossoming flower. These emotional moments are challenging me to deconstruct traditional high jewellery into a surreal unconsciousness language.

Extreme, tension, sexual, maximal and trippy.

This symphony of love and violence informs the sketches, materials and the retouching of each piece of mine.


diamonds, emeralds, tourmalines, spinels, sapphires, 18k gold and titanium

Gearry Suen Art Jewellery


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